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displacement calculator.xls - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for estimating effects of new, clean energy on greenhouse gas emissions. Graphical output shows the relative effects of using the clean energy to displace coal or natural gas electricity, versus using the clean energy to displace gasoline vehicles either with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles or with battery electric vehicles.

LCA and Indirect Emission Reductions.pdf - This paper coauthored by ILEA and Environmental Resources Trust describes various concerns we have with nascent efforts to trade greenhouse gas emissions reductions, that are based on life-cycle assessments of a corporation's products.

Method19.xls - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for converting pollutant exhaust stream concentrations (in ppm) to emission factors (in lb/MWh or g/hp-hr), utilizing Method 19 as provided for in the Clean Air Act (40 CFR 60, Appendix A).

Biomass plant size.xls - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for calculating the size of biomass-fired, electric generating plant that can be supported by various sizes of land tract and growth density.

Carbon Storage and Accumulation in United States Forest Ecosystems - United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service document detailing carbon sequestration in the United States. Though ten years old, a similarly thorough yet succinct publication on this subject has not appeared since. The document is no longer available on government websites due to defunding of the Biomass Resource Information Clearinghouse.

Last Modified on October 1, 2004.

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