Links to life cycle assessment resources

Note: These are links to technical resources on lifecycle analysis and lifecycle energy analysis, intended for the professional community. If you are a consumer interested in making product choices, please examine the UCS product ratings or see our Product ratings links page.

Professional organizations

The Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC¨) was the first U.S. organization to serve as a central source for information, professional support and standardization efforts regarding LCA. It is the publisher of A Technical Framework for Life-Cycle Assessment and three follow-up manuals, that are considered the primary resource for LCA methodology.

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) is a new organization founded for the purpose of increasing awareness of and promoting the adoption of environmental LCA among industry, government and NGO's. ACLCA organizes the inLCA conference.

Economic input-output matrix

Carnegie Mellon University's Green Design Initiative has created the Economic Input-Ouptut Life Cycle Assessment (EIOLCA) , which allows you to measure the energy consumed by various standard industrial classifications, on a per-dollar basis. ILEA uses this resource for rough estimates of embodied energy in product classes, but these rough figures are by no means a substitute for a dedicated lifecycle analysis of any given product.

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment keeps a fairly comprehensive website providing indices, abstracts and full texts of case studies and papers published in the journal. Also see the LCA Documents portion of the website to learn about books available from the publisher of the journal.

ISO standards

The International Standards Organization's Technical Committee 207 is responsible for managing the development of the 14000-series of standards that govern environmental responsibility. TC207 features a subcommittee (SC5) dedicated to lifecycle assessment, and standards numbers 14040 through 14043 are dedicated to the subject. ISO standards cannot be purchased from ISO itself, but only from each country's national standards body. In the case of the United States, this is ANSI, the American National Standards Institute.

Argument for lifecycle energy analysis

ILEA has chosen to focus on lifecycle energy analysis in particular. A good paper arguing in favor of this choice, Net Energy Expenditure: A Method for Assessing the Environmental Impact of Technologies by Martin Hocking appears in the volume Measures of Environmental Performance.

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